Road Safety

LiveMedia is keen on promoting the concept of Road Safety and hence is partnering with SOLVE / Indian Road Safety Campaign to seed initiatives which can help this cause. The first such initiative is the Hackathon which we plan to run in conjunction with SOLVE and the Indian Road Safety Campaign from February 16th – February at the IIT Delhi Campus.

Considering the proliferation and success of Mobile Phones throughout the country, we would like to adopt them as the tool through which we would like to accomplish our objective making roads safer in India. Therefore we expect the participants to focus on developing Mobile Apps / Web Apps which can help achieve this objective.

The three broad themes that we would like the participants to focus on are :

  1. Driver Behaviour: We would like to see an App which can measure various facets of an individual’s driving habits, analyse them and then present the same to the Driver so that he can reflect on the same and use them as a means to improve his driving skills.
  2. Driver Distractions: We would like to see an App that can detect, measure and analyse various driver distractions like mobile phone usage, loud music, etc and then present the same to him. It may also be worthwhile to explore ways to mitigate these distractions through innovative UI initiatives.
  3. Fraud Detection: We believe people who indulge in fraud are the most dangerous on the roads and hence detection of any fraudulent activity by a driver such as forged/expired Driving License, Registration Certificate, Insurance Policy, Insurance Claim etc

Based on the above themes, here is a list of some sample problems that can be worked upon.

Problems to solve:

  1. Detect seat belt
  2. Detect whether data recorded belongs to the Driver or a Co- passenger?
  3. Determine condition of Vehicle through cues like unusual sounds, vibrations etc
  4. Determine if Gear shifts are happening at appropriate speeds and if Driver is continuously driving in lighter or heavier gear than required.
  5. Identify if road conditions are safe for current vehicle speed levels
  6. Determine the density of traffic on the road
  7. Determine Accident prone areas (Black spots) and alert the Driver
  8. Determination of an accident situation through Impact detection by the App
  9. Determine if a Driver is Drunk
  10. Driver behaviour detection ( aggressiveness, abusiveness, nervousness etc)
  11. Detect age of the Driver
  12. Vehicle Mileage ( fuel consumption) detection
  13. Vehicle Pollution detection
  14. Identify vehicles involved in crime/fraud
  15. Compare two vehicle pictures and mark out the differences
  16. Detect dents/scratches on a Vehicle through its picture
  17. Detect difference in color of various body parts of a vehicle from its pictures to determine if any body part has been changed.
  18. Detection of vehicle condition by analysing engine sound
  19. If the road has a school or college, inform the Driver to slow down the vehicle.
  20. Analyse various images to determine if they belong to the same car.
  21. An App which alerts the Driver in case of a possible crash.
  22. Accelerometer Re-calibration
  23. Changing the UI of a mobile phone in case of an incoming/outgoing call, message etc.
  24. Analysing social / information on the web about a person to determine how safe he is likely to be on the roads

Please note that the above problems are just pointers and we would like the participants to use their creativity to determine other real problems and ways to solve them with the objective of making our roads safer and detecting fraud that happens in relation to Vehicle documents and Insurance.

The outcome of the project should be a Mobile App, Web App.  You can also consider using a small commercially available HW / device to connect with the mobile phone for achieving your objective.

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