LiveMedia is a young start-up Company funded by Draper Fisher Jurgenson and Bay Partners. We pioneered the concept of “Captive Audience Networks” in India and are creating an alternate channel for communication for reaching out to customer segments who are thin users of traditional media and otherwise difficult to reach.

Our network is one of the largest in India and spans over 2900 locations through 6000 Screens spread over 80 cities and towns and addressing over 60 million footfalls in a month.

The owners of locations where we put up our Screens stand to benefit as our Network helps enhance the ambience and overall experience of their Customers.

Advertisers stand to benefit as they are able to reach and effectively communicate with their precise target segment without the usual wastage and high costs of traditional media. Audience enjoy watching our Screens as we bring to them a new genre of programming and content which matches with their outlook and lifestyle.